Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Minecraft Aether Mod - How to Download and Install

Taking to the skies has never been easier than with the Minecraft Aether mod. Created by a collaboration between several of the most talented modders in the Minecraft community, the Minecraft Aether mod adds an entirely new realm of floating islands in the sky.

This realm adds dozens of new materials, items, and pieces of equipment for you to experience. It also adds new mobs including flying creatures that you can mount and ride. There are a number of new bosses to fight as well as plenty of new crafting recipes to discover and use. In the realm of the Aether you can find Moas, peaceful birds that cannot be tamed. However, they lay eggs that you can raise for a tamed Moa of your own. These Moas make travelling around the Aether much easier, as they can perform a number of mid-air jumps.

Once you have installed the Aether Mod, you can create a portal to the Aether with a simple frame of Glowstone. This portal can then be activated with a single bucket of water.

Does all that sound enticing? If so, follow the instructions below to download and install the Minecraft Aether Mod successfully.

How to Download and Install the Aether Mod

1. Back up your installation of Minecraft. There are plenty of tutorials available to learn how to do this, and it should be standard procedure before installing any mod.

2. Make sure you have an unzip utility on your computer. 7zip and WinRAR are excellent free utilities and will work well for this purpose.

3. Download the required mods and mod files: ModLoader, AudioMod, PlayerAPI, ShockAhPI and of course the Aether mod itself. All of these files are available on the mod page.

4. Force update your Minecraft installation. This will remove any existing mods, which may conflict with Aether and cause crashes.

5. Navigate to your Minecraft.jar file. In Windows 7, you can type %appdata% in the search bar to navigate directly to the folder where the Jar file is stored. Right-click it and open it in WinRAR or 7zip.

6. Open and copy the files from ModLoader, AudioMod, PlayerAPI, ShockAhPI and the Aether mod, one mod at a time, into the Minecraft.Jar folder. This installs the mods. Allow them to overwrite any files they need to. For ShockAhPI you will need the contents of the bin folder, not the main folder itself. View the ReadMe for details.

7. In Minecraft.Jar, delete the META-INF folder completely. This is why you back up your Minecraft in Step 1: so that if something goes wrong, you have a replacement.

8. Overwrite the .minecraft/resources folder with the resources folder in the Aether mod zip file.

9. Run Minecraft and verify your mod is working.

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