Friday, October 29, 2010

The Slip - New Info on the Halloween Update!

PC Gamer have new screen shots and a video (see below) of the Halloween updates. Hell is not actually called hell but the Slip. It looks AWESOME!

HUGE Minecraft Water Slide!

Video of a massive Water Slide. Very, very cool.

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Minecraft Biome Test Video!

Here's a really cool Biome Test Video. There are 10 different Biomes featured in the video.

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Mincraft Tutorial - Creating a Server using Minecraft Server 0.2.0

"How to setup a MineCraft server (SMP) with Notch's updated server package released September 10 2010. This server package includes monsters on the server, inventory saving, chest & furnace fixes and a lot more! "

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Minecraft Tutorial - How to Torchmine

A quick  and simple way to mine Gravel or Sand is to use a Torch to do the mining for you. Watch this short video to find out how to do it.

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Mincraft Tip - Hiding a Door behind a Painting!

"Disguise a door behind a painting, and flip a switch to get in."

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Minecraft Tutorial - Basic Switches with Redstone

"The goal of this tutorial series is to teach viewers how to successfully and properly use Redstone circuits in Minecraft. This episode covers the use of basic input and output devices, and how to use basic, straightforward wiring."

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Minecraft Tutorial - A Beginners Guide to Farming

A good tutorial on how to start farming in Minecraft.

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Guide to Farming and Mining Obsidian

"An efficient way to gathering large amounts of Obsidian in Minecraft Alpha"

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Minecraft Tutorial - Superspeed Minecarts!

Using a glitch to get Superspeed Minecarts.

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Minecraft Tutorial - Minecart Boosters

"How to make boosters, direction-based tracks, and direction based boosters."

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Minecraft Tutorial - How to make easy sky bridges

A video showing an easy way to make sky bridges in Minecraft.

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How to build an Infinity Pool

Make sure you always have enough water. This is how you build and infinity pool for an endless supply of water.

Minecraft Crafting Guide

A guide to crafting every item in Minecraft Alpha.

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Tutorial - Fastest Way to build a Wall

This is the fastest way to build a wall in Minecraft.

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Tutorial - Minecraft Mob Trap

How to build a Mob Trap and Looting System in Minecraft

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Minecraft Help - How to make a Water Ladder

Water Ladders are a faster alternative to the regular wooden ladder.

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Minecraft Tutorial - How to Survive your first night!

A great video that shows you how to survive your first night in Minecraft. 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Minecraft Videos - Coe's Quest

Recently I've been captivated with the Coe's Quest videos. It's one of the most entertaining and well produced youtube series I've come across. it also has some of the best Minecraft music! If you haven't discovered it yet, I highly recommend you start at the first episode and watch them all! You won't be disappointed.  Here's his first video for you to enjoy...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

PC Gamers Sneak Peek of the Halloween Update

Check out PC Gamers Sneak Peek of the Minecraft Halloween Update. It turns out that for every block you travel in the hell world you will travel 16 times as far in the real world. This could make it a very quick (and very dangerous) way to travel great distances. 
Hell hath no fury...

Minecraft Halloween Update - Coming on October 31st

Notch has announced a large Minecraft Halloween update for the 31st of October. There will be a whole new Hell world, new monsters and portals.... I'll have a feeling this new world and its monsters are really going to make it more difficult to survive.

Minecraft Halloween Update